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Fellowship Opportunities

New York State Library - Small Grants for Research on New York State History

Deadline: 1/24/2014

The New York State Library offers grants for research in New York State history. The New York State Library, established in 1818, is a major repository for New York's cultural, political, legal and social history. The 20-million-item collection is especially strong in the social sciences. The Library is a depository for both New York State and Federal government documents, and has extensive holdings in state and local history and genealogy.

Selected Collections and programs:

The Anna K. and Mary E. Cunningham Research Residencies in New York State History and Culture
This program was established in 1997 to benefit scholars using the unique collections of the New York State Library to study the history of New York. Stipend: $1,000

Quinn-Library Research Residency
Through support from the Doris Quinn Foundation, the New Netherland Institute and the New York State Library offers the Cunningham grant of $2,500 for specialized research in Dutch-related documents and printed materials at the New York State Library.  Researchers interested in the history of New Netherland and the Dutch Colonial Atlantic world are encouraged to apply. 

Applicants must conduct original research at the New York State Library. Grants are available to:

  • Academic and public historians.
  • Graduate students.
  • Independent researchers and writers.
  • Primary and secondary school teachers.

Research Residency Committee
New York State Library
Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12230
Tel: (518) 408-1899
Email: nyslgrant@mail.nysed.gov

URL: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/library/researchres.htm

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